11 Gems in Whitefish, MT

The year was 2018. I was living in Steamboat Springs, CO about to end my summer job. I had no idea what was next for me. I had always wanted to live in Montana, but had only been once to visit University of Montana in Missoula. I like Missoula, but it had a very BoulderContinue reading “11 Gems in Whitefish, MT”

10 MUST-DO’s in Sanibel, Florida!

Greetings, nature lovers! I am excited to be back to writing about adventure again for you all. The past month has been wacky to say the least. First, I got fully vaccinated! I rewarded myself with a honey cinnamon latte from Jubilee Coffee Roasters (A+ coffee), then I flew to Montana for my friend’s wedding.Continue reading “10 MUST-DO’s in Sanibel, Florida!”

Reflecting on Travels Pre-COVID

Greetings, everyone in the blog-verse! I hope all of you are having a good weekend so far despite all of the civil unrest we have been experiencing here in the US. Just incase anyone reading wondered: I believe that Black Lives Matter. I believe that there needs to be some changes made to the wayContinue reading “Reflecting on Travels Pre-COVID”